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Fire and Blood
-Ingrid - 17 - Brazilian - Multi fandom - a little bit of nsfw - LeviHan shipper - Aoi biased - Horror Manga lover - Yaoi lover - Food lover - Studio Ghibli lover - Music lover-
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Day 30 : If you could say one thing to all of The GazettE, what would it be?

Well this is really hard cause i have too much things to say, but i can’t find the right words… i’ll try my best

Ruki : i’m very grateful for your beautiful lyrics, they helped me in problematic times

Kai : i’m very grateful for your hard work and your lovely smile what never fails in make me happy

Reita : i love your enthusiasm, you make me feel free everytime when i see your playing in a LIVE

Uruha : i know what people change your opinions and they can forget some things and some peoples, but i’ll never forget you and your power of make me feel a children again, only with your expressions

Aoi : you’re very sarcastic sometimes but your idiots jokes and your laughs can forgive all the times what i wanted punch your face, i’ll never give up of you, our Superstar

I really love you guys, so please keep smiling, cause everything is gonna be ok if you all stay ok. Thanks for the histories, thanks for the inspirations, thanks for the feelings, thanks for the dreams

Thank you for everything

30 Days Challenge : the GazettE Challenge
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